Downsized People: Job Subsidies vs. Income Support

By Jonathan Marin (Copyright 1999) This essay considers several ways of addressing the problems caused by the downsizing of corporate workforces, and evaluates their possible consequences. It recommends the establishment of an income support program, similar to the one which Harry Truman’s Secretary of Agriculture, Charles Brannan, devised as an alternative to farm price supports. […]



By Jonathan Marin (Copyright 1996) Ailanthus is the tree species colloquially known here in New York City as the “tenement palm”. The City plants thousands of nursery-raised trees every year, largely to replace trees they planted just a few years before. Many of these carefully planted and cared-for species never seem to get past the […]


He Said / She Said: How to Keep Liars Out of Court

By Jonathan Marin (Copyright 2000) Overview In recent years, frequent instances of wrongful criminal convictions and mistaken verdicts in prominent civil cases have attracted media attention, and become a matter of public concern. They have reinforced the sense that attorneys, including prosecuting attorneys, often willingly and even eagerly make use of highly suspect testimony. The […]


The 2 Percent Solution: A Practical Path to Employee Ownership and Autonomy

By Jonathan Marin Suppose employees of public companies had controlling or even majority interest in the companies they worked for, would things be different? You bet. Better? Absolutely. And in ways that extend far beyond the benefits to the employees themselves. The corporations, their management, their shareholders and perhaps, most of all, society at large, […]


Nuremberg Diary

By Gustave M. Gilbert Review by Jonathan Marin (Copyright 2001) Da Capo Press Paperback – Reprint edition (September 1995) Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Crimes The author, Gilbert, was an American intelligence officer who in his capacity as prison psychologist at the Nuremberg Jail had unlimited free access to the top Nazi leaders throughout their trial. He […]

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